Is is like fimo?

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Well, if I had a pound for each time I was asked that at the Glasgow hobbycraft exhibition if be sunning myself in the Bahamas now!

” is it like fimo or sculpey polymer clay”

Yes and no! I suppose it’s a “Hoover and Dyson” type question… They both do the same thing but with significant differences and end results !

Yes – it’s a polymer clay, and it’s made in a similar way

Some of the reasons why we chose to import and distribute Cernit polymer clay opposed to any other brand are:

Cernit polymer clays have a “porcelain like” finish, this makes them excellent for jewellery and bead making amongst other things…. Although you can still sand, polish, drill and finish it exactly the same as any other oven hardened polymer clay.

The range of colours offered by Cernit is HUGE!

Strength…. Once baked Cernit is one of the hardest clays yet still retains a bit of elasticity – great for smaller work and edge details.

Colour… Probably one of the real plus point here… Cernit polymer clays don’t leech colour onto the skin anything like some of the other brands… Reds and blacks can be particularly bad… Don’t get me wrong, it’s always a good idea to clean ur hands with a baby wipe I between colour changes to avoid colours mixing but generally the colour in Cernit polymer clay stays put!

And…. It’s very competitively priced…. Some websites may advertise other brands cheaper… But in fact the extra cost is hidden in the post and packaging… Don’t take our word for it… Shop around!

If you have any questions about polymer clay or Cernit… Don’t be shy… Drop us a line and we will do out best to help!

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